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Looking for an ATM or branch near you?

Finding a location to handle your credit union business is as simple as using our Locator Service on this page. We provide access to ATMs across the U.S. – including many that are fee-free. Here’s what to know when using an ATM with your MECU ATM card:

MECU-owned ATMs: Make unlimited withdrawals, transfers and other transactions at MECU-owned ATMs – free of charge.

Surcharge-free ATM network: Enjoy easy account access at over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs in both the U.S. and abroad. If the ATM is not owned by MECU, your first eight transactions per month are free, and a $1.50 per-transaction fee will be charged by MECU thereafter.

ATMs outside the surcharge-free network not owned by MECU: A fee is typically charged for each transaction by the ATM owner, and a $1.50 per-transaction fee will be charged by MECU after the first eight transactions each month.

Prefer to visit a branch? MECU has nine, plus another 6,800 shared branch locations. (The shared branches provide you convenient access to your accounts through CU Service Centers®, a nationwide network of participating credit unions.) You can also access your accounts through our online, mobile, and automated telephone banking.

NOTE: MECU’s partner ATM networks maintain the list of surcharge-free ATMs on this site. Sometimes, when an ATM drops off the list, the ATM network owner doesn’t immediately update the list. If that happens and you are erroneously charged a fee, check with MECU about reimbursing you for that charge.

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