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Enjoy a stable mortgage payment and big savings. The 5/5 ARM from MECU. 03-19-2015
With this 5/5 ARM, first-time homebuyers lock in a great low rate today for the first five years, and then adjusts your rate only once every five years after that — unlike most other adjustable rate mortgages that adjust every year. Learn More
Great Rates. Valuable Information. Fast Preapprovals. MECU Offers What You Need To Get Your Next Car. 03-18-2015
At MECU, we think buying a new car should be fun. Not work. That’s why we do everything we can to make your experience easy and rewarding. Learn More
MECU Membership Lasts A Lifetime. No Matter What, No Matter Where. 03-09-2015
If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. But one thing that will never change is MECU’s commitment to serve you not just today, but for as long as you wish. Learn More
Considering What To Do For Your Retirement? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do. 03-06-2015
Planning for a secure retirement is one of life’s most important financial challenges. While individual needs and circumstances vary, everyone should consider several factors that can significantly affect their financial prosperity in retirement. Learn More
Even Compared to 0% APR Dealer Financing, A Vehicle Loan From MECU Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars. 03-04-2015
Just about everyone loves the excitement of shopping for a new car. But sometimes figuring out the best way to finance it can leave you scratching your head. Learn More
Want Guaranteed Income From Your Investments For The Rest Of Your Life? An Income Annuity Could Be An Excellent Choice. 01-30-2015

As they near or reach retirement, many people want the assurance and reliability of receiving regular income from their retirement portfolio.

 Learn More
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