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Make More Money. That’s What We’d Like To Help You Do With Your Tax Refund. 04-16-2014
Often, when people get tax refunds, they simply deposit the money into their account without a second thought. But when you think about it, it’s actually an opportunity to make your extra cash work harder. Learn More
Not Satisfied With Your Savings Yields? Consider Other Alternatives From MECU Investment Advisors. 04-09-2014
If you have money in a savings or money market account, or in an IRA or a certificate of deposit, chances are it isn’t keeping pace with inflation. Which means that effectively, you’re falling behind. Learn More
Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle. Let MECU Show You How To Make The Most Of It. 04-09-2014
For many people, selling their home can seem like a monumental task. But understanding the process can give you peace of mind, while ultimately helping to ensure a successful and rewarding transaction. Learn More
Get The Information You Need To Buy Or Sell A Home – Plus Download A Free Guide. 03-28-2014
Spring is a popular time to look for a beautiful, new home. Before you set out to explore all your options, MECU can provide you a wealth of knowledge that can help in your search. Learn More
Increase Your Borrowing Opportunities By Improving Your Credit Score. 03-28-2014
If you’re looking to borrow money, your credit score is probably the most important factor in determining whether a lender will extend credit to you — and if so, at what interest rate. Learn More
Great Rates. Valuable Information. Fast Preapprovals. MECU Offers What You Need To Get Your Next Car. 03-28-2014
At MECU, we think buying a new car should be fun. Not work. That’s why we do everything we can to make your experience easy and rewarding. Learn More
Learn The Essentials Of Paying For College. Catch Our New Webinar. 03-19-2014
It’s a simple fact. College costs are on the rise. And today for many families, it can be confusing to know how to prepare financially for a higher education. Learn More
Buying A Vehicle? Get A Head Start With Valuable Tips From MECU. 03-03-2014
Knowing the rules of the road is important when driving a car. But do you know the rules when it comes to buying a car? Learn More
Get A New Boat, RV Or Motorcycle At A Rate As Low As 1.99% APR. 03-03-2014
Looking to put extra excitement into your life? Right now, leisure industry manufacturers are displaying their latest watercraft and street machines at shows and expos across the country. Learn More
When One Longtime Member Needed Help, MECU Came Up With A Money-Saving Solution. 03-03-2014
As a member for the past 33 years, Cheryl Kincaid has put a lot of her trust and money in MECU. But when the country’s big recession caused her to be laid off from her position at Motorola in the fall of 2013, she knew it would soon take a considerable toll on her financial health. Learn More
If Our First 75 Years Are Any Indication, The Next 75 Are Going To Be Amazing. 02-17-2014
As we move ahead into the new year, 2014 holds special meaning to those of us at MECU. It marks the 75th anniversary of our credit union, which was founded on January 27, 1939. Learn More
Buying A Vehicle? Start With CarQuotes — A Free Service That Helps You Make A Smarter Purchase. 02-17-2014
The key to smart car-buying is actually simple: know as much as you can about the vehicle you’re buying. That’s where a service like CarQuotes can really help. Learn More
Our Auto Loan Rates Are Still Really Low. But You Might Want To Get Yourself In Gear. 02-17-2014
Right now, our vehicle loan rates are still remarkably low. But who knows for how much longer. Learn More
Take Advantage Of MECU’s Low Rate To Get Cash Anytime. For Anything. 02-06-2014
One of the best ways to finance a loan is with a home equity line of credit. It comes with a significantly lower rate than personal loans or credit cards. And once you’re approved, you’ll have cash ready to access whenever you need it. Learn More
When Federal Aid Can’t Cover The Need, A Private Student Loan From MECU Often Can. 02-06-2014
College is an exciting first step in the pursuit of a promising new career. But sometimes, a shortfall in federal financial aid can cloud the future. Learn More
Get The Cash You Want For Whatever You Need. At A Rate You’ll Like. 01-31-2014
A personal loan from MECU can do many things by quickly providing the cash you need. It can finance important home or lifestyle purchases. Pay unexpected expenses. Help you manage your finances more efficiently. And even save you money. Learn More
Buying A Home? MECU Can Help You Get Off To A Smart Start. 01-21-2014
If you’ve decided to buy a new home, congratulations! For many people, it’s one of the most gratifying decisions they’ll ever make. Learn More
For One Member With Big Aspirations, A Loan From The Credit Union Hit The Perfect Note. 01-21-2014
You might think that a loan is simply a loan. But for some people, it can be so much more. When Chris Hotz and his wife wanted a personal loan to get their house painted, he ended up with something far better: a short-term loan that gave wings to his long-time dream. Learn More
Visit Us On Facebook — And Become Part Of What’s Going On At MECU. 01-10-2014
As a member of MECU, you get an experience that’s worlds apart from the typical big banks. We’re open, straightforward, and dedicated to serving your best interests. Learn More
Holiday Bill Hangover? Transfer Your Balances Through January To Take Advantage Of Our Promotional 4.99% APR. 01-02-2014
The holidays are over, but for many members the bill payments are just beginning. The good news is, we’ve extended our great promotional rate on balance transfers for an additional month. Learn More
Is It Better To Buy A Home? Or Rent? Each Has Special Advantages. 01-02-2014
Buying a home is a huge decision that can impact your financial situation for years to come. While homeownership is often considered to be the “American Dream,” it’s wise to consider the differences between buying and renting before deciding what’s best for you. Learn More
Enjoying The Benefits Of MECU? Refer Family For Membership. 01-01-2014
At MECU, we set our sights on saving you time and money, wherever and whenever we can. With everything we do, our purpose is to help you get ahead financially. Learn More
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