Online Brokerage

A variety of top-notch tools for the independent investor.

For members who prefer to make their own investment decisions, MECU puts an outstanding selection of full-service financial products and services at your fingertips. All designed to let you manage your investments online 24/7 — with incredible ease, speed and flexibility.

Through CUNA Brokerage Services, MECU provides everything independent investors need to make informed decisions and help achieve their desired investment results.

Make real-time, online trades with low commissions and fees, and instantly access no-cost, up-to-date information on stocks, bonds and mutual funds including:

  • Quotes
  • Charts
  • Analyses
  • Research tools 

Whether you trade a little or a lot, you’ll enjoy:

    • Fast access — invest or review your account online, by telephone, or with a representative
    • Broad investment choices — select from stocks, mutual funds, options and more
    • Personalization — create your own watch list and get customized news and securities information
    • Research tools — access market information to help narrow down 6,000 mutual funds by defining your criteria

    At MECU Investment Advisors, we’re fully committed to helping you succeed and achieve financial freedom. If you prefer to make your own investment decisions and would like more information on investing options offered, click here.

    If you’d like to set an appointment to discuss your investment options with MECU Investment Advisors, click here. Or call toll-free at 877-270-6392 x85124. There is no cost or obligation to meet with an MECU Investment Advisors representative.

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