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VeriSign Secure Seal is the #1 sign of trust on the Internet.

  • VeriSign maintains the largest base of secure payment customers on the Internet, with more than 100,000 customers processing billions of dollars every quarter — over 30 percent of North American e-commerce transactions.
  • VeriSign manages security for the majority of secure web sites on the Internet and has more than 400,000 digital certificates installed throughout the world.
  • Beyond verification, the VeriSign Secured Seal is a mark of trust for both merchants and shoppers, providing important details on the validity of a web site, its owner, and secure payment transactions.

VeriSign’s digital certificate serves as an online credential that allows a business to control access to multiple resources on the Internet, creates digital signatures, and encrypts transactions between web businesses and customers for privacy using powerful SSL technology. Every certificate is issued only after VeriSign authenticates each customer business to verify its identity. Once issued to properly authenticated users, certificates enable online businesses to bring together buyers in a trustworthy digital environment.

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